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Major Sullivan Ballou Camp #3


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Letter Home
1 December 2007
Hello and Welcome to the newsletter page of our camp, here we will bring all of our brothers up-to-date on the goings on within the camp.
On 14 November 2007, we held our 1st Camp Meeting with our newly Elected & Appointed Officers , it was not as positive as it should have been but we will work thru the rough parts and come together as a team to do the work that this camp and its members swore an oath to do. Some of what was talked about is as follows as well as some of the events that have taken place since our last Letter Home.
1.  Raffle tickets were returned to Ohio on 29 November 2007. We sold enough tickets for the camp to make $42.50 and the ASUVCW sold $17.50 worth of tickets, so we were able to help a brother unit by sending them $60.00. Hopefully one of our groups will have sold one of the winning tickets and get $300.00 for our camp or auxiliary.
2. Civil War Expo, 23rd & 24th of February 2008 at the Warwick Mall in Warwick, RI. Tables are $10.00 each and you can sell items.(Tax Exempt please bring copy of number). Give Department Expo Chairman Benjamin J. Frail an e-mail to let him know if you will be attending and how many tables you will need.
3. Clean-up of Jacob Clarke Lot on Budlong Rd in Cranston will at 10AM on Saturday 03 Nov 2007, this is a Camp #3 event and has been planned and voted on by members in September. Folow-up, the Commander would like to thank the members of Camp #3 that gave their time for this project, Benjamin Frail and Bruce Frail; he would also like to thank the following members of the Auxiliary #7 for their help, Anna Frail.
4. Remembrance Day weekend in Gettysburg, Pa. went well members of Camp #3 took part in the Department/SUVCW Dinner at the Gingerbread Man on Friday evening, we also took part in Batteries B's Memorial at the Rhode Island burial site in the National ceremony, from there we marched to Battery A & B to lay wreaths and than to the GAR Wilson Memorial for the SUVCW & Allied Orders Memorial. After the Parade we all met at the Eisenhower Convention Center to convene the 1st Midyear Encampment of the SUVCW which went very well and we were able to quickly handle the items that were brought to the floor. After a meal at the Dubbin House with the Commander of the Department of New Hampshire SUVCW and his wife the President of the Department of Massachusetts ASUVCW and Commander of our Camp and the President of the Department of Rhode Island ASUVCW and other members of the Departments of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire visited the National Cemetery to wittness the luminaria of lights, this was a truly touching display.  A SUVCW Memorial Ceremony was held at the Rhode Island burial site on Sunday Morning. 
5. Past Camp Commander's Badge for out-going Commander David J. Duggan has come in and will be given to him at the next camp meeting on the 12th of Dec 2007 ,It will be engraved with the dates he was Commander (2006-2007).
6. Christmas Party plans were cancelled due to lack of interest by the members at the meeting. Hopefully we can get together to do something as a group to bring our families together.
7. Our next meeting will be 12 December 2007 @ 6:30PM at 19 Briar Point Avenue in Coventry, Rhode Island.
8. Camp Property will be inventoried and donation letters will be created so there will be no confusion as to who owes any of the property that is in the care of the camp, one copy to each of the following, Camp Commander, Camp Secretary, and Department Secretary.
Good of the Order
On a personnel note the Commander would like to wish all members a
God Bless this Order, our Families and Ourselves.
The webmaster is still waiting to receive our updated by-laws when I do I will be post them on our By-Laws page. Sorry for the delay.

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Letter Home 1 Nov 2007

Letter Home 1 Dec 2007

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